Saturday, January 3, 2015

First Lush Buy: Review

As told in my "First Lush Impressions" blogpost, the first time I went to Lush I purchased: Cosmic Girl and Candy Mountain. I chose these two bath bombs for their scent, as I found them very pleasing.

Cosmic Girl (also known as Space Girl) is very appealling and smells very nice with its fruity scent. I find it smells like blackcurrent or lilac. Apparently, it has grapefruit, bergamot and almond oil which makes it smell very sweet. It's also shaped as Saturn, which is quite cool if you ask me. The blue color covers the red (although mine got a little uncovered) and it also has a little red glitter in it. I've crumbled half of it under the tap the first time i've used it, and it leaves the water with a light reddish color, but glitter-free.

I can already tell Candy Mountain is going to be one of my favorites, just by the smell and look of it. It's absolutely gorgeous and so girly. The shape reminds me of a Hershey Kiss, except it's pink. As you can see it's white and pink and the two colors swirl around together. There's also a pink glimmer to it. As for the scent, I absolutely love it! It smells like vanilla but not the overwhelming kind of vanilla, more like a sweet and light vanilla.  Allthough it claims to, I didnt find it leaving the water all pink- nor pink at all (maybe i didnt use enough, i'll try again!) 

Cecile xxx

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