Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lush First Impressions


Today, I went out with my friends to the movies at La Défense to watch "The Maze-Runner" starring Dylan O'Brien, which was a good action movie for all you science-fiction/ Hunger Games movie fans out there. Anyways, this isn't the subject of this blogpost. So considering I live in France, there aren't many Lush shops here. But each time I went to La Défense and passed by this Lush store, I just wanted to go in and smell everything. This is what I finally did today.

I immediately gravitated towards the bath bombs, knowing how much people find them amazing and the whole hype around them. And I approve: they do all look beautiful! I literally stood there, smelling all of their amazingness for about 10 minutes. (One of my friends even caught me with my nose a little glittery...oops :)
I finally got out with 2 bathbombs to try out: Cosmic Girl and Candy Mountain, which I will make a little review about in another blogpost. Stay tuned!

Cecile x

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