Friday, January 16, 2015

My Pinterest & Instagram

Hello everyone! I wanted to make this post all about my Pinterest and Instagram account (yes a little bit of self-promo!).

 I don't have a lot of posts on my Instagram, as I'm not Instagram-addicted or anything like some others who post weekly or even daily. I just post pictures on certain occasions of my friends, family, vacations... Although this year, I think one of my New Year's resolution is to post more on there (as well as on my blog if you cared to know), because I want it to be full of pictures and memories that I can just look back on afterwards. I'm getting really pumped about it now! I'm going on vacation in Portugal in February so I'm expecting to post some photos I'll snap over there, get excited :)

As for my Pinterest, I am WAY more obessessed about and active on. I really love this concept of creating boards and pinning different pictures/pins on them. I have 42 boards about everything girly: I pin anything from pics of bands, to food, to shoes, to cute animals, to quotes and many many more. I absolutely love Pinterest as it gives you SO much inspiration and ideas for anything and then you feel so inspired and ready to do/create stuff. I think it's definitely one of those places you can get lost in when you're feeling down or just uninspired. If you haven't made yourself a Pinterest account already, then go make one now: it's pretty useful, i swear! I love it at least.

So of course, you can follow me on Instagram and Pinterest both @cecilel98

Have a nice week-end loves :))
Cecile xxx

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