Monday, August 3, 2015

My Summer Essentials

Exfoliating Scrub: I've made the mistake this summer while in Croatia of not bringing an exfoliator with me. Biggest mistake I tell you. When my skin started peeling off (along with my tan...sniff), I regretted not packing an exfoliator to scrub off all the white dead skin cells. Not cute! The exfoliator I'm currently trying out is the Garnier Pure Active 3-in-1. The small exfoliating beads in it are rather gentle on the skin and would have been great to use on my vacation.

After Sun Lotion: After a long day of tanning at the beach, you have to moisturize your skin in order to maintain the tan you just got. The after sun I was using was the Yves Rocher After-Sun Lotion 3-in-1. Ran out of it, so I don't have a picture of it but it goes to show I really enjoyed it. It moisturized my skin and made it smell delicious which is mostly why I loved it so much. The new one I bought over there is the Nivea After Sun Moisture which also does the job greatly. However, I'm not a big fan of the smell: it smells like mens' shaving cream to me. Will repurchase the Yves Rocher one asap!

Matifying Moisturizer: Skip this product if you don't tend to get shiny on your T-zone. I know that with oily skin however, it tends to happen. My forehead especially is shiny 24/7 and to avoid looking like a disco ball out in the sun, I use a matifying moisturizer. My lifesaver is the Effaclar Mat by La Roche Posay. I've done a review on it here, and I still love it as it keeps me looking matte.

Sunscreen: Always be safe and apply SPF on your entire body. I used an SPF 30 and the one I used on my face was the Nivea Sun SPF 30. It does the job, smells nice, and I applied it underneath my matifying moisturizer. I don't know if you can do that, but I just did and it worked well. However, I would love to find a good matifying moisturizer with built-in SPF 30. It would make my life easier ngl.

Body Mist: To smell nice during those summer days, I used Zoella's Blissful Mistful Body Mist and I LOVE IT. I've been a big fan of Zoe's for quite a while now and this body mist smells delicious: citrusy, fresh, and light is how I'd describe it. I loved to spritz some especially before going out for dinner in the evenings. I have to say perfumes and body mists are definitely my thing and I would buy many more if I could. Congrats Zoe and can't wait to get my hands on the new mist from the new range, much excite!

Waterproof Mascara: Finally, the beauty essential I like to bring with me during summer is waterproof mascara. I usually only wear some in the evenings because I don't like to worry about it much during the day. The one I absolutely adore is the Gosh Waterproof Mascara. It seperates my eyelashes, holds the curl nicely, and does not clump. Also, I decided to try out Maybelline's Waterproof Lash Sensational Mascara and did not like it. I find the formula very thick and clumpy. I think all the hype was more for the non-waterproof version which I will then maybe try out, but I did not enjoy this one.

Tell me some of your summer essentials!

Cecile xxx


  1. WOW! I really love you're blog. It's so fresh and cool... also, I want to live in France so much! Ahah
    Anyways, I've got a blog,too and I would love if you could give me some advices... you know, I'm new there:

    P.S:I'm a Zoe fan, too :')

    1. Thanks for stopping by Maria! By reading your name, I have a feeling you're Italian, are you? If so, I find your language SO pretty *insert heart shaped eyed emoji*. I like your blog's pink background, but you should definitely start posting blog posts :)

      xo Cecile